Belgrade Night Market in „Studentski park“ – pictures of old Belgrade

The first open market in Belgrade was founded in the area of today’s Studentski park, and it was opened in 1824. It was known as the “Big Market”.

In celebration and memory of this market, on May 25 and 26, 2018, the Belgrade Night Market will be organized in the Studentski Park, at the place where it was opened almost 200 years ago.

The gathering of designers, craftsmen, champions of markets, food and beverage producers – at this location – will wake up great memories of the forgotten history of Belgrade and remind us of the importance of gathering and socializing.

A special part of the market will be dedicated to the institutions of culture: the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, Kolarac institute, museums, universities…

The slogan of this unique edition of Belgrade Night Market is: “Big Market”!

This “time machine” will surely attract a large number of visitors, who will be able to experience a part of the history of our city through various exhibitors and specific program.

See you at the markets or at the place where they used to be!