BNM in March – market Block 44

Due to the extremely bad weather that is predicted, the twelfth Belgrade Night Market, scheduled for March 23, will be held a week later: March 30, at the market Blok 44, in New Belgrade. The slogan for this market is “Studio 44”.
We are sorry about these changes, but we believe that the new date and weather conditions on that day will contribute good atmosphere on Belgrade Night Market.

As the largest fair of design, crafts, food and beverages under the open sky, the Belgrade Night Market gathers great number of young artists who have the opportunity to present their work on this unique event. In addition to the large number of exhibitors from the sphere of art and design, the audience will have the chance to see the champions of green market with their best products, as well as many top caterers.

The interest for exhibiting in this event is huge, promising a great and varied offer of different goods. The best disco rhythm will accompany the event providing a good time for all visitors.

Belgrade Night Market is traditionally representing a place of gathering for all people who love good shopping, appreciate domestic production, love gathering and listening to good music on Friday night.

In 2018, we will have new locations, interesting themes and, of course, a unique offer. Redesign doo and City Market Promise another great season of BNM!

The entrance is free.