“BNM kod Cvetka”, market “Zvezdara”, June 15

“BNM kod Cvetka”, market “Zvezdara”, June 15
The Belgrade Night Market will be held for the first time at the market “Zvezdara”, on June 15th , in the period from 18 to 24 hours, under the slogan “BNM kod Cvetka”.
Although the official name of this market is “Zvezdara”, everyone knows it as the “Cvetko’s Market” or the market “at Cvetko’s”. For this name of the market we have to thank Cvetko Jovanovic, who opened a kafana in 1902, in this location. This famous kafana was known as “Cvetkova mehana”. The garden of the tavern was in the place where the Cvetkov Bazaar is today.
Today, Zvezdara Market is renovated and beautified, and on June 15th, will open its doors to a large number of exhibitors: the best designers, craftsmen, restaurants and market champions, who will once again remind us on the beauty of socializing and gatherings.
As always, we are planning an interesting program and a good atmosphere.
See you at the market!