“BNM kod Cvetka”, market “Zvezdara”, June 15

“BNM kod Cvetka”, market “Zvezdara”, June 15
The Belgrade Night Market will be held for the first time at the market “Zvezdara”, on June 15th , in the period from 18 to 24 hours, under the slogan “BNM kod Cvetka”.
Although the official name of this market is “Zvezdara”, everyone knows it as the “Cvetko’s Market” or the market “at Cvetko’s”. For this name of the market we have to thank Cvetko Jovanovic, who opened a kafana in 1902, in this location. This famous kafana was known as “Cvetkova mehana”. The garden of the tavern was in the place where the Cvetkov Bazaar is today.
Today, Zvezdara Market is renovated and beautified, and on June 15th, will open its doors to a large number of exhibitors: the best designers, craftsmen, restaurants and market champions, who will once again remind us on the beauty of socializing and gatherings.
As always, we are planning an interesting program and a good atmosphere.
See you at the market!

Belgrade Night Market in „Studentski park“ – pictures of old Belgrade

The first open market in Belgrade was founded in the area of today’s Studentski park, and it was opened in 1824. It was known as the “Big Market”.

In celebration and memory of this market, on May 25 and 26, 2018, the Belgrade Night Market will be organized in the Studentski Park, at the place where it was opened almost 200 years ago.

The gathering of designers, craftsmen, champions of markets, food and beverage producers – at this location – will wake up great memories of the forgotten history of Belgrade and remind us of the importance of gathering and socializing.

A special part of the market will be dedicated to the institutions of culture: the Institute for the Protection of Monuments, Kolarac institute, museums, universities…

The slogan of this unique edition of Belgrade Night Market is: “Big Market”!

This “time machine” will surely attract a large number of visitors, who will be able to experience a part of the history of our city through various exhibitors and specific program.

See you at the markets or at the place where they used to be!


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first assembly of the Serbian greengrocers, which was held in Zelen venac in 1918, the Belgrade Night Market organizes a big April gathering on this market.

At the Zeleni venac market on April 27, the Belgrade Night Market will be held under the slogan “Life is a Game”, and we will gather the best designers, the greatest craftsmen, big champions of markets and other artists of their craft in the glory of the anniversary. Of course, we are also expecting an excellent offer of food and drinks from our most famous caterers, winemakers and craft brewers.

In the evening, at the Zeleni venac Market – one of the oldest and most beautiful markets in the city – we will recall the crowds and the rush that used to be in this place only on market days, we will recall the importance of gathering and friendship, we will share positive energy and unforgettable moments, and all this with homemade goods, with our artists and producers who are still proud to present their best products on market stands.

An unusual and attractive program, lots of music and celebratory atmosphere, promise that this BNM will truly be a night to remember!

And after a century – See you at the market!

BNM in March – market Block 44

Due to the extremely bad weather that is predicted, the twelfth Belgrade Night Market, scheduled for March 23, will be held a week later: March 30, at the market Blok 44, in New Belgrade. The slogan for this market is “Studio 44”.
We are sorry about these changes, but we believe that the new date and weather conditions on that day will contribute good atmosphere on Belgrade Night Market.

As the largest fair of design, crafts, food and beverages under the open sky, the Belgrade Night Market gathers great number of young artists who have the opportunity to present their work on this unique event. In addition to the large number of exhibitors from the sphere of art and design, the audience will have the chance to see the champions of green market with their best products, as well as many top caterers.

The interest for exhibiting in this event is huge, promising a great and varied offer of different goods. The best disco rhythm will accompany the event providing a good time for all visitors.

Belgrade Night Market is traditionally representing a place of gathering for all people who love good shopping, appreciate domestic production, love gathering and listening to good music on Friday night.

In 2018, we will have new locations, interesting themes and, of course, a unique offer. Redesign doo and City Market Promise another great season of BNM!

The entrance is free.


This year, Belgrade will be a city with a great atmosphere and rich program during the holidays. New Year’s BNM, which will be held at the Skadarlija Market on December 22nd, will make Belgrade an even more dynamic and interesting place. Belgrade Night Markets that where organized this year at Bajlonijeva (Skadarlija), Kalenic, Zemun Market and Market in Block 44, became a recognizable city event that attracted a large number of visitors – both citizens and tourists.

A special, New Year’s edition of Belgrade Night Market will be marked with a festive atmosphere and various creative design products, ideal as gifts for upcoming holidays. Gastronomic offer of the market will satisfies everyone’s taste: there will be winter specialties from market champions – dried meat, carrots, prosciutto, various types of cheeses, seasonal fruits and vegetables, but the gastronomic offer will also include the specialties of Belgrade restaurants – baked sausages, burgers and delicious pastries. Traditional New Year’s drinks – boiled wine and brandy, as well as teas, natural juices, beers and other drinks will be served on the market.

So far, around 220,000 people visited Belgrade Night Markets: young and old, parents with children, journalists and tourists. The program of the market was enriched by the performances of well-known bands and DJs, who played popular and classical music.

In upcoming period we expect a lot of snow on the mountain peaks, and mountains will become the places of gathering, enjoying and socializing. On the New Year’s Night Market, the Tourist Organization of Zlatibor will be presenting their rich and varied offer. Several guests from Pale Market will come to visit us. This year, Pale Market organized two night markets, similar to Belgrade’s market. We are also welcoming Tourist Organization of East Sarajevo with their tourist offer of the municipalities of Pale and Jahorina.

On the New Year’s Night Market, an even bigger number of old and new exhibitors are expected, as well as visitors who will enjoy the performance of the band Bambolerosi, the music of DJ Brka and others.