On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first assembly of the Serbian greengrocers, which was held in Zelen venac in 1918, the Belgrade Night Market organizes a big April gathering on this market.

At the Zeleni venac market on April 27, the Belgrade Night Market will be held under the slogan “Life is a Game”, and we will gather the best designers, the greatest craftsmen, big champions of markets and other artists of their craft in the glory of the anniversary. Of course, we are also expecting an excellent offer of food and drinks from our most famous caterers, winemakers and craft brewers.

In the evening, at the Zeleni venac Market – one of the oldest and most beautiful markets in the city – we will recall the crowds and the rush that used to be in this place only on market days, we will recall the importance of gathering and friendship, we will share positive energy and unforgettable moments, and all this with homemade goods, with our artists and producers who are still proud to present their best products on market stands.

An unusual and attractive program, lots of music and celebratory atmosphere, promise that this BNM will truly be a night to remember!

And after a century – See you at the market!